State and Local Permitting

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Staying Current

There are constant changes being made to state and local laws, as well as, town zoning regulations that effect land use and home building. In order to stay abreast of the current permitting requirements for our projects, I continually review and follow the changes to the laws, rules, and regulations that will impact our projects now and in the future.

Streamlining Process

Permitting on most projects and especially on waterfront projects has become a significant and often time consuming process. Often several state and local permits are required for all construction projects these days.

We work directly with a highly experienced team of local surveyors, engineers, and soil scientists to streamline the permitting process to acquire all of the necessary permits prior to the start construction for each of our projects.

Fenton was attentive and responsive since we started the process and remains so today as a knowledgeable resource for any questions we may have or advice we may seek.
— Sam and Phyllis Forsythe ~ Black Point, Alton, NH